My mission statement can be summed up in a few words and that is “To help others to heal themselves.” To expand on that, it is interesting that my intent, unlike most businesses, is not to have repeat clients in the same modality. Getting clients to understand that they are the key part of any healing that will take place, is sometimes difficult. Most people want others to heal them, whether it is doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, Reiki masters and any other healing modalities. If the client is a spectator rather than being an integral part of the healing process, a temporary healing may take place, but more often than not, will reoccur or come back in another form.

A great majority of all illnesses and diseases are caused by stress, whether environmental, physical (traumatic), nutritional, spiritual or emotional. The biggest stressor is emotional baggage. If you control the stress you can heal yourself of all things. Taking ownership of your healing will insure success.

While it is easy to tell someone this and they say they want to be healed, they have to understand the great secret that many motivational speakers have made millions on, is “You become what you think about.” If you think positive thoughts, you become positive and the opposite is true and just as powerful.

Einstein said, “Thought is energy”, so thought has a frequency like everything else and as a result can affect every cell of the body. Ridding the body of emotional stress, most of it typically carried for years, brings the healing we desire.

The medical paradigm is based on surgery and prescriptions. While surgery is great and corrects so many things, the great majority of prescriptions cure nothing. They treat symptoms. There are no huge profits in curing anything. Our whole pharmaceutical industry is built on the continual use of drugs to treat symptoms of dis-eases and illnesses. Scientists continue to focus on gene manipulation and change because it can be patented and controlled and easily approved by the FDA and the AMA. But, as Bruce Lipton, a Quantum Bio-physicist, has shown, the brain of a cell is the cell wall and what it allows in emotions, nutrition, environmental, spiritual and physical trauma. These don’t impact a few cells but rather every cell of our body. The most powerful healing; is the human mind it trumps everything else. You need to remember you are not controlled by your genes. You are controlled by your beliefs.

My vision going forward is to change the mainstream view of healing through EFT, Bio-feedback, dowsing, Reconnective Healing and Mental Training for Athletes and Business. A perfect example of how society resists people taking ownership for their own health, is the Veterans Administration. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) has been effectively treated many times in studies, through EFT and yet the VA is driven by drug treatment, which doesn’t cure and continual psychiatric care, think cash flow. Those who have been given the opportunity and chosen the path of doing what they need to, to heal themselves have been able to heal themselves of all things.

My business is referral driven. As more clients heal themselves, the referrals grow and business grows as well. By teaching classes on numerous topics, I am able to expand the awareness of the public to what our healing potential really is and at the same time show them the results others have had.

Meet Tom Meade

Tom Meade

Holistic Practitioner

Tom has been married to Phyllis since 1970 and have had Great Pyrenees dogs since 1975. They currently have Josette and Jeter. In his working career, Tom has always focused on being a teacher and mentor as well as a coach, always trying to help others to improve themselves.

He enjoys many athletic endeavors; downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking with his dogs and swimming. In Master’s swimming he has been an All American (top time in the country for an event), 5 time National Champion and with over 70 Top Ten times in his age group as he grows older. He has recently taken up playing pickle ball and the shot put and javelin as field events.

He built Koi ponds and rock and stonewall landscaping and is currently building an energy park and enjoys doing it all by hand.

He has traveled throughout 17 European countries, Jamaica, Ecuador and Canada with hopes of traveling more extensively around the United States.

He has been very active in the community as a volunteer and fundraiser. After setting up Sunstream Corporation as an ESOP, he left it in great hands to continue to grow as he closed one chapter in his life to begin another as a Holistic Practitioner and a Masters swim coach.

He has done presentations for the American Society of Dowsers, the Finger Lakes Dowsers, The Happening, The Shift Holistic Living and Psychic Fair, the Binghamton Sertoma Club and the Institute for Spiritual Development.

Experience as a Holistic Healer

Since the start of my practice in January 2008, I have had the pleasure of helping over a thousand clients to heal themselves through the healing modalities that I practice. Each modality has shown remarkable results. Results have always been good when the client takes ownership of their healing and has the intent to heal themselves both physically and emotionally. Many times a client doesn’t realize where their real issues, that need fixing, lie.

Before I ever see a client, if they are not specific on their need, I check to see, through dowsing, which healing modality(s) may be best for them at that time. Then through dowsing they will be cleared of any issues they may have such as negative entities, energies or spirits; set their body frequency at the level most appropriate for their highest good; and put their energy field at the level most appropriate for their highest good as well. They will also be checked for any emotional toxins they are ready to have cleared now and if one or more they will be cleared. I have a list of over 60 other areas that are checked to see if any of them need to be cleared and if so, clear them. This way I have a good handle on what the client needs before I ever see them.

The reason for this is too often energy workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, people in the medical profession, social workers and mental health workers deal with people who are physically and/or emotionally stressed and these people are susceptible to picking up negative entities, energies or spirits and passing them on to the people who are trying to help them. This occurs when the helpers are stressed themselves and open to having these passed on to them. More often than not these are not evil, but rather a drain on the resources of those afflicted.

Over the years, the clients I have helped have had great results, some healing themselves of cancer, one client had a brain tumor disappear. Through Reconnective Healing not only did her tumor disappear, her whole life changed. She changed her whole life, including her name, and became a different, new person and all for the better.

Another recent client started with an EFT session. She learned tapping and her major issues were addressed. She asked afterwards to do a Bio-feedback session. At the Bio-feedback session she had still refused to address her core trauma issues. So I tapped for her as the Bio-feedback ran. Her response to that session can be seen in the testimonial section.