L.I.F.E. Systems Bio-Feedback

L.I.F.E. Systems uses Quantum Physics and Scalar Wave Technology scans, tests and treats the body for over 7,500 different health problems. It has the world’s largest medical bio-feedback testing device. Everything has it’s own specific frequency and energetic signature. The L.I.F.E. System Reactivity Test provides a unique snapshot of the human body bio-field and energy field. Rooted in the 12 meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine, the L.I.F.E. System technology provides a very useful connection between the body’s bio-chemistry and bioenergetics. The amount of information which is being processed by our bodies is staggering. Over 3 billion genes form the double helix DNA with between 33,000 and 100,000 functional genes governing the biochemical processes involved with health and survival. There are 7 trillion cells communicating with each other and the central nervous system. The information going on within this system can only be explained with quantum physics and the quantum wave theory. At this particular time the 7,500 signals of each compound has its own energetic signature or algorithm. Each item within the test matrix has its own fractal image. A fractal image is like the sacred song of the item or compound. The areas covered by the Reactivity Program are; allergies, amino acids, Ayurvedic, bacteria, bones, brain, chromosomes, circulatory, dental, digestive, diseases, drainage, ears, enzymes, eyes, flower essences, fungus, glands, heavy metals, homeopathic, hormones, lymph, meridians, miasms, muscles, nerves, nosodes, parasites, pesticides, respiratory, sanum, sarcodes, sinus, spinal, toxins, vaccines, viruses, vitamins and a miscellaneous area as well.

To identify the frequency fingerprint of the client, a picture, birth date, time of birth, name, address, personal affirmation, sex are saved. Lifestyle information in 20 areas, like alcohol, caffeine, water usage, prescription medications, tobacco use, toxin exposure, amalgam fillings, are noted. History profile covers missing body parts, medications, toxic exposure, major diseases , inherited disorders from mother or father and emotional stresses.

A session runs 2 hours at a cost of $150.00. Additional remote sessions typically run an hour at $75/hour. Remote sessions connect with the client anytime or place because it works in the quantum realm. As with all appointments, clients are cleared before they are seen.