Dowsing Tools-Bobber, Multiple Pendulums, Dowsing Rods and Single Moldovite Rod

Dowsing (water witching, diving, doodlebugging…) is an ancient art of finding water, minerals, and objects. As everything has a certain frequency, the human mind (your super conscious mind) can connect with and understand the frequencies that everything gives off. This allows you to understand perceived amounts, distances, numbers, percentages and other requested areas. You may always request others to help you in your dowsing (spirit guides, guardian angels, St. Michael the Archangel, Mother Mary, etc.) depending what you need. It is important to remember that dowsing pendulums, “Y” rods, “L” rods and bobbers are just tools. They are not magical, they are just a connection to communicate to your higher self.

Most people will use pendulums. The proper way to hold a pendulum is with the tips of the thumb and fore finger pointing down, with 2 to 3 inches of string or chain. The first thing to do is to learn a yes and no, asking questions you know are true or false. Most dowsers use the charts Walter Woods describes in his “Letter to Robin” (available as a free download on the web). A no would be as if you are looking down on the face of a clock, with a no represented by the pendulum moving between 9 and 3 o’clock. A yes between 12 and 6 o’clock. Once a simple yes and no work for you, where should you hold the pendulum? Sitting down in a chair, with the pendulum in the hand you favor, start moving the pendulum, in a straight line, from your opposite knee in a straight line across your body to the other knee, asking the pendulum to give you a yes where it is best to hold the pendulum. You will find you dowse best over your right or left knee, as Chakra vortexes will move the pendulum. Also keep your elbow away from your side, not anchored to it. The movement of the pendulum in a clockwise motion will bring in beneficial energy and the movement in a counter clockwise direction will remove non-beneficial energy.

Now you are ready to start. You should always start with the questions “May I, Can I, Should I” and “Is there any reason I shouldn’t”. “May I” means do I have the appropriate permission to proceed and be involved. “Can I’ means do I have the ability to successfully dowse in this area and am I ready. “Should I” means considering all aspects related to this situation, is it appropriate, proper and suitable to proceed in this area. The first 3 questions should all respond with a yes; if a no, do not proceed. The last question should respond with a no, if a yes, do not proceed. Now you are ready to ask questions.

Do’s and Don’ts of dowsing.

  • Let go of your ego. Detach yourself from the answer. Relax and go with your feeling, not an expected outcome. The brain functions at 4 basic frequency levels, “beta” – awake state, “alpha” – meditative state, “theta” – dream state and “delta” – deep sleep state.
  • Talk to your pendulum as if it is a person so energies and answers go through it. This will keep your mind on the action of the pendulum and not on the energies.
  • The questions need to be very specific as the answers are literal. An example is if you ask, “Does my car (not electric) need gas?” the answer is always yes as air is needed for combustion to take place.
  • Areas to avoid may be for persons where they need “Lessons of Life” or it is their “Karma”, so in the initial “May I, Can I, Should I”, the answer would come up a no.
  • When asking “May I”, if this is for a person, you are asking their super conscious mind for permission.
  • Always dowse for the highest good for others. Never dowse for evil or selfish gain. It is OK to dowse for yours or others needs and remember this is a gift.
  • Do not diagnose or give medical advice.
  • Always keep your mind open to new ideas and look for ways to improve.
  • Never cross your legs when dowsing.
  • Always show gratitude and say “Thank you” to those who helped you.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

Reasons you may have trouble dowsing.

  • You are not hydrated, drink only water, not another liquid like tea, juice, etc.
  • Your polarities are reversed. To balance, put one hand on each shoulder and take 3 deep breaths, reverse hands and repeat. Do the Cross Crawl, this brings the right and left brain into sync.
  • Eating garlic may cause your dowsing accuracy to go down.
  • Don’t let other people use your dowsing tools or charts.
  • Crystals have their own intelligence and properties and don’t work well. They need to be cleared, before and after use, as they collect and don’t release other frequencies.
  • Always dowse in the present time, as the future is constantly changing.

As you become more experienced at dowsing these are areas that can be successfully dowsed, as presented by master dowser, Raymond Grace.

  • Try it on human trafficking, the 3rd largest business behind weapons and drugs.
  • Energize and clear water.
  • Clean up schools of negative entities, energies or spirits and dark forces.
  • Get rid of serial killers and serial rapists.
  • Take on projects that are important to you, if you ask at the beginning of your dowsing, May I, Can I, Should I? – if the answer is yes, this gives you permission to proceed.
  • Program for all food that enters your body that it is good and acceptable.
  • Three questions you need to ask. Does it work? Does it help? Is it for the highest good of all?
  • When you clean up something, you may have to make corrections later as earth energies change, “When you take a bath it doesn’t last forever.”