Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the early 1990’s. Gary said that our early thoughts, actions and statements become the “writings on our walls” and they can impact us negatively for the rest of our lives. All those times we hear, “No, don’t do this, don’t do that” as a child can progress to criticism, abuse, or trauma from our parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, classmates, bullies, bosses or coaches. These emotional traumas are carried forward for many years, often hidden away in the subconscious mind, while having a huge impact on one’s health.

Practically all physical illnesses and dis-eases have an emotional basis to them. Even diseases that are genetic can be triggered by negative emotions. Not everyone who has a genetic structure for diabetes, breast cancer or sickle cell anemia, for example, gets the disease. But why not? Doctors call this the “placebo effect”, as the medical profession is not ready yet to recognize stressors, outside of viruses, bacteria, amoeba, parasites, fungi and genes, like emotions open you up to diseases and illnesses.

Typically, a client has one or two major issues that are most detrimental to their balanced health. So learning the technique and getting it right from the beginning is extremely important. Using EFT, you are tapping on well established meridian points while bringing up and verbalizing your negative issue and then following up with the reciprocal positive statement. As the issue begins to clear, often related tangent issues are addressed to continue the total clearing of the negative emotional attachment to the issue. An example might be a woman sexually abused by her father as a child. At first we would tap on forgiveness; most abusers were abused themselves and the cycle has continued for generations. On a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the worst, it may drop down to 7. We would then go to a tangent, like the mother knew about it, but did nothing out of fear or security. Forgiveness of the mother would be tapped on. Down to a 4. The next tangent, as with a recent client, was that the father began to abuse her younger sister as well and she told him if he stopped she would continue with the abuse from him. It was now time to tap on her, forgiving herself for doing that. It is harder to forgive oneself than another. This brought her to a zero, physically she was awash in release, like the weight of the world was taken off her shoulders.

Once resolved, the trauma of these negative emotions doesn’t come back unless there is an intent. Intent is so important in EFT. Too often people look for physical healings from the outside but if the emotional basis is not addressed, the illness often returns again or in another form to affect the body. A healer I know, tells the story of a woman he was helping , who went through a hateful divorce and came to him because she develop cancer. After several treatments the cancer disappeared, but she retained emotional issues of hatred for her ex-husband… she refused to let go of these feelings. A year later she returned to the healer for further help. Her cancer, that had returned, was arrested again, but again, she refused to address her hatred for her ex. Even though he was no longer in her life, she was going to let her unresolved feelings of hatred, ultimately, kill her.

Too often, people chase healing modalities – wanting someone to heal them rather than taking ownership of their healing, themselves. Healing modalities are wonderful “tools”, but an individual must set their ego aside and become part of the healing process. They need to take ownership and realize they have the power within themselves to heal.

In an hour session, within the first ten minutes we can arrive at the “big” issue and in an hour the client will resolve this and learn how to do EFT to continue releasing additional issues. Most people will have 100 or more issues, but it is the top one to five where the major healing begins. Tapping on any negative issues or thoughts will make your life so much better. All clients will be cleared through dowsing before their appointment in over seventy different areas, as well as checked for any emotional toxins they are ready to release at that time. Hourly rates are $75.00.