"I have been turned inside out. A Purity. A rebalancing. A desensitization – the trauma is gone. A resetting. A filling up of all the empty, baron, sad and lonely places. Emotionally complete and level. There is no sadness, no pain, no fear, no regret, no animosity. I am not the same person. In the world but not of the world. The brain is smooth. A satiation. The brain waves are differently (sp) and the cells are vibrating differently. There is harmony. A washing clean. Deep peace. Much closer to the Divinity (mine and the collective). Subtly communicating with the angels. I feel the strong hand of spiritual help and guidance. Still in a body. Good new boundaries and decisions. A flowing of the circumstances of life. Perfect timings have been occurring since the bio-feedback. Faith and trust. A fullness. My first response is to protect this new self from contamination of stress and anxiety. I realize that as soon as a troubling thought pieces the outer boundary, then I tap. My sensing system is my greatest asset. As soon as I feel a disturbance, I have an imperative to remove the disturbance by tapping. I am so living in the present. There is no past or future. I abide in the generous and eternal present moment. What, nice place to be, I feel free. I am realizing that it is important to have daily affirmations for the present moment and so I can direct good things in my life."

E. and J., Calif

“As oft stated , E’s and your prayers are essential. You may think they are not having an impact, an effect – please know they are. Your friend Tom (Meade) , is a major player at this time in your history. He truly is committed to the purpose he incarnated with. Joining your energies with his and others of like mind shifts the globalist agenda” You Tom are indeed are indeed a light warrior whose prayers and devotional practice are profoundly affecting the world by tapping into the power of the Angel and Spirit.

Bridgette H.
(2016 Women’s World Open
Water Swimmer of the Year)

“Tom introduced me to EFT as part of my mental training for marathon swimming. I’ve taken the concepts and created a virtual tapping that works well for me not only during my marathon swims, but also as life on land hands me challenges. I’ve been able to engage in my virtual tapping concept to redirect my focus and bring calmness during challenging times, whether on land or sea.”

Jim P. H.

“People I trust and do a great job deserve to be referred. Tom Meade does a great job.”

Rhonda L.

“Thank you so very much for coaching (me). You’re a awesome coach and patient with me. I truly appreciate you. GOD bless.”

in California

“We really appreciate your willingness to move these water lines (noxious energy rays). Have no idea how you do it but are ever so grateful.”

Vicki H.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you. The Photon Sound Beam machine was so comforting for my cancer. Thanks for your generosity.”

Juliet N.

“I would like to thank you for taking me under your wing and training me… I greatly appreciate your guidance and support throughout the year.”

Marilyn K.

“I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you from some of my clients and would like to participate in future classes.”

Dorothy S.

“I am feeling much clearer today and my mind is happy not having to lose energy with monkey mind. I can think, more easier. My mind feels more organized today.”

Jo-Ann W.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help with this (Bio-feedback). I am truly grateful for what you do. I feel truly blessed to have found you when I did and to receive your help.”

Kate C. Y.

“Tom is a caring, competent practitioner and people I have referred to him have had amazing results.”

Bob L.

“Tom…you made a huge impact on my swimming career. You were ahead of your time, from changing my breastroke technique to positive visualization. I only wish we spent more time together.”

Jan N.

“Thanks so much for your work on our behalf. We both feel much better after you cleared us, our house and our property. It was creepy before you willingly intervened and Eric and I appreciate your efforts tremendously.”

Alysa M.
(Rhodes scholar)

“Tom I can’t even begin to articulate my gratitude. Your coaching opened up not only an entirely new dimension of competition for me, but of life. I will continue to try and progress with my mental training… you are an incredible, inspiring person.”

Lisa L.

“I am writing to thank you for participating as a speaker at the American Society of Dowsers 56th annual National Convention. With the largest crowd we have seen in some time, it is important to know that ASD deeply appreciates your time and effort in contributing to our attendees’ knowledge, skills, and awareness (in EFT).”

Darlene C.

“Thank you… when I left, there was a sensation of feeling much lighter. There have been some ups and downs during the week, but each time, it was because I failed to use the technique and instead procrastinated on a particular issue. I also successfully used the technique to resolve an acute attack of pain. I am committed to moving forward with full use of the technique (EFT) and am very grateful for the generous gift of your time and advice.”

B. G.

"Tom, I want to thank you so much and tell you “WOW”. I feel like a different person. You know the way I can describe it is like taking a paper bag and turning it inside out. That is exactly what I feel. Everything is different. The world is lighter and brighter. It is as if I’m in it, but I am not as stuck in it as I was before. I have this deep protection for this new self…to protect my body from stress. I am going to do what protects me. I can feel I’m in a really fabulous place. Thank you so much."

Comments from that presentation on Emotional Freedom Technique.

“Well prepared and organized…explained material clearly…ID’ed resources for further help and info… I would recommend this speaker… excellent…very good practical information…fabulous have him speak again…great talk would like to learn more…pragmatic explanation and exercises. Very clear, absolutely recommend him as a speaker… spoke from the heart!”